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HMS Ocean

  • 2 years of extensive testing undertaken by MoD
  • Requirement to process 120kg/hr was surpassed
  • Processed a wide variety of waste streams from food waste to oil sludge
  • Very high availability throughput normal operation
  • Ongoing product support and enhancement since 2011
  • She was sold to the Brazillian navy in 2018 - PHM Atlântico
HMS Ocean

QEC Aircraft Carrier

  • 4 skid mounted pyrolysis units for the UK Royal Navy
  • Onboard Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers (2 on each ship)
  • 1,000tpa mixed waste per unit. The heat can be used to dry food waste and membrane bioreactor effluent
  • Part of integrated waste management system
QEC Aircraft Carrier

Type 23

  • 4 smaller waste destruction only units supplied to UK MoD for Type 23 Frigates for onboard waste
  • Sterilises and dehydrates waste before vacuum packing into pillows for storage
  • Integration into operating warship
  • For ships with smaller crew complements
Type 23

US Army

  • Containerised unit
  • Deployable to site at short notice
  • Destroys variable waste streams (including clinical and plastics)
US Army

Clinical Waste

  • PV250 unit for clinical waste
  • Over 12 months operation
  • EPA compliant
Clinical Waste

How can I use

There are few limits to the applications for our
technology, which already include:

  • Maritime onboard & dockside
  • Clinical & hazardous
  • Islands & isolated communities
  • Plastics & packaging
  • Carpet & textile
  • Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR)
  • Navy & Defence

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